A Tribe of One-Online Introductory Shamanic Training series based on the book by Quynn Red Mountain.

The 5 chapters of A Tribe of One multimedia E-Course are now available! Explore your Inner Worlds and the Sacred World around You in a way that has meaning for you!

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Tend your Mental, Spiritual and Physical Health!

Quynn Red Mountain encourages all to tend to matters of your Mind, Heart and Spirit with the shamanic arts. Explore Shamanic Journeys, Soul Restoration, and Spiritual Guidance for your soul healing. You will find the guidance that you need HERE!

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Explore the Shamanic Journey At Home

Explore your spirit word at home with our ever-expanding online learning center.  Become a Spirit Dreamer and participate in the global community of Shamana.  

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Life Changing Experiences bring Changes

Hello all, This is Quynn Red Mountain, founder of the Institute for the Shamanic Arts and Earth Web Media. I was called to shamanize while I was in my late 20′s, and I have shamanized with many people in groups and individually since then.   Four months ago I began a physical healing adventure that officially…

Drumming for Balance-Spring Equinox Blessing

On the evening of March 20, 2014, 4 drummers gathered to drum for balance.  In each person, and in all worlds. Flute playing by Dee Watts, and drummers were Quynn Red Mountain, Sue Ellen, Elisabeth Black and Dee Owl Woman.  Blessings to you on all days when you need balance. This track is perfect for…

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