Shamanic Animism is Within You! You can Remember the path!

Online Shamanic Journey Circles, Webinars, mp3 Journeys and Workshops, E-Courses and Mentored Intuitive Training are all available for you.  

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Connect with your Imagination through the rhythms of Drum and Rattle!

Quynn Red Mountain urges you to tend to matters of your Mind, Body and Spirit with the power of rhythm and imagination. Explore Shamanic Journeys, Soul Restoration, and Spiritual Guidance for your soul healing. Find out more HERE~  

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A Tribe of One Shamanic Guide E-Book and E-Course

Quynn Red Mountain's Guide for Expressing the Shamanic Self is Now Available! Explore your inner world and understand your personal tribal ways with the E-Book and the Multimedia E-Course!  

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OOlah in BC Canada for Animist Conference

Greetings Friends! Quynn here- My Ancestors call me OOlah (One Who Balances). In early May 2016 I caught a ride from Portland, OR (my hometown, visiting my mother) to Squamish, BC for an Animist (and Shamanic) Ceremonial Conference hosted by The Sacred Circle of The Great Mystery Shamanic Society . I wasn’t sure what to…


Animist Gathering for Eostre Ostara Easter Rabbit and Egg

Animist Gathering on Sunday, March 27, 2016 @ noon in Tucson, AZ. Spring is here, and the flowers are beginning to wake. So too our spiritual connection begins to bloom after winter. This time presents the opportunity to follow a spiritual path that resonates with your personal needs related to community supported Earth honoring spiritual…

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