A Tribe of One-Online Introductory Shamanic Training E-Course based on the book by Quynn Red Mountain.

The 5 chapters of A Tribe of One multimedia E-Course are now available! Explore your Inner Worlds and the Sacred World around You in a way that has meaning for you!

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Tend your Mental, Spiritual and Physical Health!

Quynn Red Mountain encourages all to tend to matters of your Mind, Heart and Spirit with the shamanic arts. Explore Shamanic Journeys, Soul Restoration, and Spiritual Guidance for your soul healing. Find out more HERE~

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Explore the Shamanic Journey At Home

Explore your spirit word at home with our ever-expanding online learning center.  Become a Spirit Dreamer and participate in the global community of Shamana.  

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An Old Bobcat and a River-Animist Storytelling

Quynn had an experience in 2007 with an old bobcat at a glacial river called the Hoh, and she happened to have her camera with her. This is her telling of the meaningful story. Download this episode (right click and save)   The video of the experience is found here:

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Hummingbird Wisdom-Audio Journey Club

Listen to an introduction to hummingbird energy for this shamanic journey.  What is Hummingbird’s message of most importance for you now?  Hummer sounds recorded by Quynn. Download this episode (right click and save) If you are not yet a member of the Web of Life Audio Journey Club, you can join here to receive new…

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